Violations of human rights still high in Turkey

Violation of human rights in Turkey remained unchanged this year too. Torture is now applied on streets while an increase is observed in torture and cruel treatment under custody. According to a research by TİHV, there have been human rights abuses in all four corners of the country.

According to the research of Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV) between 1 January and 30 November, in Turkey 28 people lost their lives due to extrajudicial execution, while 9 were murdered by unknown assailants. 70 people were wounded due to lynch attempt. While the number of torture and cruel treatment victims rose to 202 this year, 319 people appealed to TİHV with torture complaints. Separately, 40 institution buildings were attacked.

According to the research, 723 prisoners were exposed to communication ban in like the restriction of phone conversations, open-close visits and taking the air, while 355 prisoners were not able to use their health rights for various reasons.

Besides, 103 prisoners were exposed to torture and cruel treatment by guardians and prison officials. There were 1716 detentions, 152 arrests, 68 interventions and 82 judgments in total, while 149 people were sentenced to 903 year 1 month and 27 days imprisonment.

While there have been 1016 detentions and 421 arrests in the last 11 months; 40 institutions were assaulted, 3 closed, 28 were carried out operations and 22 institutions were raided, most of which belong to Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).

Translation: Berna Ozgencil


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