European Parliament voted on Turkey accession report

A real political solution to the Kurdish problem is one of the top demands of the resultant resolution.


MEP GUE/NGL Takis Hadjigeorgiou (Cyprus) said: “We support Turkey’s accession and welcome any progress made in the country first and foremost for the benefit of its people; but we underline the need to meet all the Copenhagen criteria and obligations towards the EU and all its Member States, like any other candidate country. Turkey should implement the Additional Protocol if it wishes to progress in the accession negotiations”.

“On core issues as workers’ and trade union rights and freedoms, women’s rights, and the protection of basic freedoms, Turkey must respect International Law. The proposed Parliament resolution notes these serious weaknesses and asks for a full remedy. Much more needs to be done on behalf of Turkey, as far as the achievement of a real political solution to the Kurdish problem, the recognition of the Armenian genocide, the normalization of relations with neighbouring countries and the end of the occupation of the Republic of Cyprus are concerned”.

“Turkey should withdraw its troops and settlers from Cyprus, who are also causing enormous pressure on the Turkish Cypriot community which in the recent mass mobilisations has called for an end to Turkey’s settlement and assimilation policy. An independent census should be urgently carried out”.


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