Pinar Selek: 15 years of State harassment

Pinar Selek is a feminist sociologist who has been imprisoned and harassed by the Turkish government for nearly fifteen years now on fabricated charges after Pinar wrote a thesis on the subject of the Kurds.

She is living in exile in France but the Turkish State is again trying to get her extradited: the last episode of a saga in which she is endlessly acquitted by a lower court and then re-condemned by a supreme court that over-rules the judgment.

More detailed information on her case can be read here.

Pinar Selek

The next Supreme Court appeal trial for Pinar Selek will be held on April 30, 2014. The International Spokesperson of Pinar Selek Solidarity Committee in Turkey is seeking for organizations and individuals willing to sign a statement in support of Pinar. If your or your organization would like to help, please contact Ms Yesim Basaran (, Ms Karin Karakasli ( or Mr Onur Fidangul (


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