Don’t forget to vote on 22 May

Voter registration instructions – special form for non-UK EU citizens

On May 22 there will be a UK-wide election for the European Parliament and also local council elections for London boroughs.

If you want to vote, please make sure you are registered on the Electoral Register. If you are, you should by now have received a voting card. If you haven’t had one, phone the Electoral Registration Service at your local council to check. You need to do this well before the deadline, May 6.

If you are resident in Britain but have a passport from another EU country, there is a second thing you have to do to be able to vote in the European Parliament elections on May 22. It may not be widely known that Polish, French, German, Spanish , Italian, Austrian etc. people need an extra form to vote in the European election, on which they promise to vote ONLY in the UK and not in their passport country.

You can get it from:
and you have to send it or take it to your local council Electoral Registration Service in good time for May 6, which is the last possible date to secure your right to vote on May 22.

On  you will see the following:-

If you are a citizen of another European Union country but reside in the UK, you can register to vote in the UK at a European Parliamentary election.

You must also complete a European Parliament voter registration form, available here:

 <> .

See more at:

We would like to draw your attention to the good work done for Kurdish rights and for migrants by Jean Lambert, currently an MEP for the Green Party. Read about her on You can help re-elect her on May 22.


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