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We are a Kurdish grassroots women’s rights organisation established in 2004 and based in London. Roj Women has a membership of hundreds of women from different countries both in Europe and in the Kurdish regions of Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

Roj Women works on community development in the UK and campaigns for far-reaching legal and political reforms in Turkey with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of Kurdish and non-Kurdish women in Turkey. Through our community work we pursue the empowerment of women among the Kurdish migrant population in the UK by means of:

  1. seminars and trainings to advance general education and knowledge of rights,
  2. language courses, counselling sessions, apprenticeships and other similar work related training to develop women’s skills in order to tackle unemployment,
  3. provision of facilities for community recreation,
  4. psychological support and legal and general advice for victims of domestic violence and forced marriage

To achieve our objectives we work in partnership with other UK-based women’s rights organisation and statutory agencies in England.

Our campaigning work aims to tackle the double discrimination Kurdish women are subject to as a result of their gender and of their ethnicity in their countries of origin. We want to improve the lives and expand the opportunities available to women living in Kurdish regions by means of drawing attention to the political factors that shape their particular struggle and of lobbying and campaigning for the necessary changes to overcome them.

Roj Women’s Association is very grateful for the funding contributed to our work by individual donors as well as by trusts and funds:

*Lipman Miliband Trust: For Socialist education and research

*Feminist Review Trust

*Maypole Fund: Money from Women for Women

*Big Lottery Fund

*Hackney London Borough Council

We are equally grateful to our partners:

*Halkevi: Kurdish and Turkish Community Centre

*Telgraf: Turkish and Kurdish newspaper

*Kurdish Community Centre in North London

*Kurdish Studies and Students Organisation at the School of Oriental and African Studies

We also thank the office of Jean Lambert Green MEP and the Programme for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for their financial and technical support.


2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Dear Roj Women,

    My name is Gowhar ,I am a member of Kurdish Women’s Project in West London and I have been living in London since 1993. At the moment I am working as women advocate in Manor Gardens and Medical Foundation for the Care of Torture and Violence.

    I am an active member of “KWP”,I am also a singer who can sing in Farsi, Kurdish, I love cultural activities and art. I would like to join your art and cultural activities and contribute more to my community.

    I will be happy to participate in your feature project’s plan. If you need more information please contact me on the following details.

    Best wishes


  2. how about teaching women to fight like the Israeli Krav Maga system or some other special forces stuff, so they can beat up their male relatives and put a final stop to abuse? Already there are women in combat units, bring their way of life into the mainstream.

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