Run to overcome violence against women!

Roj Women will be represented in the upcoming Hackney Half Marathon on 22 June by a team of volunteers running to raise their voice to stop violence against women and to fundraise to support the work of Roj Women.

Want to join us? Email us to uk.

You can train individually or come together with other team members; Roj Women will provide you all with unique T-shirts, specially designed for the occassion. Running half marathon will also get you free membership for a year.

On 22nd June 2014, Hackney will close its roads to cars and open them to thousands of runners for the very first time. Lace up for this flat run through one of the greenest boroughs in London. Breeze your way past the famous Hackney Empire. Pick up the pace at Broadway Market. Stretch your legs alongside London Fields. Finally, catch your breath and follow in the footsteps of legends through the iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
C’mon, join Roj Women’s team today!

Daf percussion lessons – book yourself in!

Launched in January 2013, Roj Women offers people in Hackney, Haringey and other London Boroughs the opportunity to learn how to play ‘Daf’, a Kurdish drum.

Lessons have proved very popular.  They take place at Halkevi Kurdish & Turkish Community Centre in Daslton, Hackney every Sunday from 2 to 4 pm and cost £30 per month (4/5 lessons). Email us to or to with any questions or to register.

daf lessons 2013

8th London Kurdish Film Festival

Roj Women invites you to the 8th London Kurdish Film Festival, in our city from 15 to 24 November. 

This year the festival showcases a variety of films, many of them focussing on Kurdish women’s and gender issues, including female genital mutilation, widowhood, sexual abuse, traditional gender roles, forced marriage and women’s activism. Don’t miss ‘Jin’, ‘Ten Seconds’, ‘Where is the land?’, ‘Ashes’, ‘Banaz: A Love Story’, ‘Fecira’, ‘Home’, ‘Peace Again’, ‘Playing Home’, ‘The Silent Revolution’, ‘Zarok’, and many more!

See the full programme with synopses of the movies here.

Free Kurdish Women’s Festival in London coming up soon!


Once more Roj Women will be celebrating a year of Kurdish women’s struggles and commerating those who have left us but whose passion and strenght will forever be part of the Kurdish women’s movement.

On 28, 29 and 30 June London will host the 10th Kurdish Women’s Festival by Roj Women with a programme full of discussions, music and sisterhood.

On Friday, 28 June (at 6 pm) join us for a discussion with Aysel Tuğluk and Sinem Muhammed.

Aysel is a Zaza politician. She was part  of the former Democratic Society Party in Turkey and a member of the executive council of the Foundation for Society and Legal Studies (TOHAV); as well as being a member of the Turkish Human Rights Association, she is a founder member of the Patriotic Women’s Association. Elected to the Turkish Parliament in 2007 as an MP for Diyarbakir, her party was soon banned. She was re-elected to Parliament in the 12 June 2011 general election.

Sinem Mohammed is the co-president of the PYD (Democratic Union Party)-affiliated People’s Council of West Kurdistan.

On Saturday, 29 June (from 3 pm) theatre, fashion, dance and music with:

Ziba Tabrizi performing forbidden dances from Middle East,

* Women’s Daf Percussion Band,

* ‘Letters from Women’ threatre group play,

* Govenda Sara Kurdos folk-dance,

* Tamil folk-dance,

* Kurdish Fashion show

* and Koma Zelal.

On Sunday, 30 June (from 5 pm) the party continues with Roj Women member led Venge Dur (don’t miss their latest video!), Mehmet Akbas, Binevs and Koma Zelal.  Please note a £5 admission fee will be chargeable on this day.

WHERE:  Kurdish Community Centre, 11 Portland Gardens,  London Borough of Haringey, N4 1HU

festival 2013

Roj Women’s courses for women in London

Roj Women’s Association offers an array of women-only courses for Kurdish and Turkish-speaking women.

Roj Women continues to endeavour to meet some of the needs identified in a recent consultation on Kurdish women’s needs in London. For this purpose we are again providing with a number of women-only free courses for Kurdish and Turkish-speaking women. These include: English language, Kurdish literacy (for those who can’t read or write), painting, Kurdish folk dance and Kurdish choir.

All courses will take place at the Kurdish Community Centre in Haringey every Sunday and will commence on 13th November. Please, contact us (email us to rojwomen for more details.

Women are also welcome to join us for a talk on the UK schooling system on Saturday 12th November at 6.30 at the Kurdish Community Centre in Haringey.

Aynur yarım konseri Sezen’le tamamlayacak

Kardeş türküler söylenecek

Source: Demokrat Haber

Kardeş Türküler, 14 Eylül akşamı Harbiye Açıkhava Tiyatrosu’nda gerçekleştirecekleri ‘Yeni Bir Gün’ adlı konserde Sezen Aksu, Arto Tunçboyacıyan ve Ara Dinkjian ile birlikte sahne alacak.

Aynı gece Kürtçe müziğin önemli yorumcusu Aynur, Açıkhava’da geçen ay ‘yarım kalan’ k Continue reading

A Harbiye Concert and The Kurdish Issue

During the “Women of Water” concert, friday night at Harbiye’s Open Air Theatre, a group of Turks protested against Kurdish singer Aynur for singing in Kurdish. She was forced to cut her performance short and left after the third song.

Source: BIA

“We are from Cuba. We are musicians”, said Javier Limón who is actually from Spain. Limón was seemingly irritated after a part of the audience protested loudly against Kurdish singer Aynur during the Turkey premiere on 15 July of Limon’s newest project called “Mujeres de Agua”. Agua, water, here stands for the Mediterranean and brings together singers from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Israel. Continue reading

8th Kurdish Women Festival in London

Roj Women’s Assembly is proud to announce the 8th Zilan’s Kurdish Women Festival this year.


24/06/2011 at 18.00

Panel discussion: No! To women massacre!

  • Speaker: Lawyer/Women Rights Activist Reyhan Yalcindag Baydemir

25/06/2011 at 15.00

Day of culture and art:

  • Women’s choir
  • Sinevision
  • Folk dance
  • Traditional women’s clothes show

26/06/2011 at 15.00


  • Rojda
  • Ciwan Haco
  • Deniz Deman
  • Koma Sersi
  • Wenge Dur

UPDATE: Danish court lift ban on Roj TV accounts

A Danish court in Copenhagen upheld the objection by the Kurdish satellite TV and lifted the freezing on the TV station ban accounts which had been requested by the Danish prosecutor office.

There is no legal reasoning behind the freezing of Roj TV’s bank accounts, pronounced the chief judge. The court also stated that Roj TV broadcastings are within the legal framework and it has no connections with terrorism. It is also underlined in the decision that Roj TV is a channel run with the donations from the viewers.

Although the public prosecutor requested the court to continue the freezing on the accounts the lawyers of Roj TV challenged the request on account of the fact that the channel will not be able to continue its broadcasting under these circumstances which will amount a de facto ban. The Court upheld the objection from Roj TV. It is reported that the reasoning for the decision will be issued by the court in 14 days.

Meanwhile, a group of Roj TV viewers also gathered in front of the court building in order to show their solidarity with the channel.  The accounts were frozen on 30 August. Continue reading

Kusturica quits Antalya saying reactions to his being in the jury “barbaric and primitive”

Serbian director leaves Antalya pointing out political interference by minister of culture


“A person who has dedicated his life to opening new horizons to humanity cannot be supportive of any kind of crime. … I am known to be anti-imperialist. I have built my life and profession on this basis. … What I was fighting for [during the time of the Bosnian war] was a united Yugoslavia.”

Serbian film director Emir Kusturica has decided to leave Antalya on Sunday. He barely stayed one day in the Turkish southern city brought to international attention by the Altın Portakal (Golden Orange) International Film Festival. Kusturica was going to serve as a member of the international feature competition jury, but controversy on his name prevailed.

Continue reading