Project for children of women prisoners is launched in Turkey

A new Project titled “Innocent Prisoners” has been implemented at Bakırköy Women Closed Penal Institution to give a psychosocial support to the children and their mothers.


Sixty children whose mothers are in prisons, have to live one of the two captivities, either to be condemned to live in institutions with their mothers or to be sentenced to grow without their mothers. Continue reading


European Parliament voted on Turkey accession report

A real political solution to the Kurdish problem is one of the top demands of the resultant resolution.


MEP GUE/NGL Takis Hadjigeorgiou (Cyprus) said: “We support Turkey’s accession and welcome any progress made in the country first and foremost for the benefit of its people; but we underline the need to meet all the Copenhagen criteria and obligations towards the EU and all its Member States, like any other candidate country. Turkey should implement the Additional Protocol if it wishes to progress in the accession negotiations”. Continue reading


Toplu mezarlar acilsin kayiplar bulunsun, failler yargilansin Turkiye karanligiyla yuzlessin..

Basina ve Kamuoyuna


Biz bu metinde imzasi bulunanlar,  Roj Kadin Meclisi, Sosyalist Kaindinlar Birligi, Britanya Baris Meclisi, Fed-Bir, Kurt Toplum Merkezi ve Halkevi olarak Kurdistan’da TC Devleti’nin insanliga karsi isledigi bu vahseti nefretle kiniyor, biran once Insan Haklari Evrensel Bildirgesi geregince sorumluluklarini yerine getirmesini talep ediyoruz.

 İnsanlığa karşı suçlar 1998 yılında Kabul edilen Uluslararası Ceza Mahkemesi’nce soyle tanimlanmaktadir. “cinayet, yoketme, köleleştirme, nüfusun sınır dışı edilmesi ya da zorla nakledilmesi, hukuka aykırı bir şekilde hapsetme ya da özgürlükten mahrum bırakma, işkence, tecavüz, cinsel kölelik, zorla fahişeliğe zorlama, zorla hamile bırakma, zorla kısırlaştırma, cinsel şiddet kullanma, zulmetme, kişilerin ortadan zorla kaybedilmesi, ırk ayrımcılığı, diğer insanlık dışı suçlar ,insanlığa karşı suçlar olarak nitelendirilmektedir”. Continue reading

Turkey Takes the Lead in Europe in Violations in 2010

Turkey ranks first among the number of countries convicted for rights violations by the European Court of Human Rights in 2010.  Main reasons for Turkey’s convictions were the fairness or the length of trials.


Among 47 countries under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, Turkey ranks at the top position regarding the number of convictions in 2010. Continue reading

Turkey falls short in defending human rights, report says

Turkey’s record on protecting human rights was mixed in 2010, with arbitrary detention and restrictions on freedom of speech remaining black marks, according to a new report by a well-regarded international human-rights watchdog.

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
Monday, January 24, 2011

While Turkey has made progress on some human-rights issues, with constitutional amendments opening the way for further reform, it has fallen short on others, according to the report by Human Rights Watch. (Download PDF of full report here. <> ) Continue reading

Another missed opportunity for human rights in Turkey, says IHD

“Punishments regarding women murders, violence against women, and murders of homosexual and transsexual individuals should be aggravated.”

Source: ANF

Injustice in legal procedures, violations of the right to a fair trial, deprivation from the right to access health services in prisons and detention houses, the rejection of the right to education in the mother tongue, violence against women, impunity of murders based on hatred and discrimination, the refusal to acknowledge the right to conscientious objection, proceeding without considering the demands of the Alevis, the destruction of the environment, losses of economic and social rights, interventions against the right to assembly and association…” Continue reading

SE Turkey’s conflict spurred gender equality for Kurds, panelists say


Decades of conflict in Turkey’s Southeast has helped politicize Kurdish women and promote gender equality in the region, participants at a women’s conference heard earlier this week.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

Kurdish women and children have been politically active because the state has “produced [political] awareness” through its oppression of them, said Dilek Kurban, a columnist for daily Radikal.

“Why are the children and women in the streets? Because of the state. They are political; there is no turning back from this,” she said. Continue reading

Violations of human rights still high in Turkey

Violation of human rights in Turkey remained unchanged this year too. Torture is now applied on streets while an increase is observed in torture and cruel treatment under custody. According to a research by TİHV, there have been human rights abuses in all four corners of the country.

According to the research of Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV) between 1 January and 30 November, in Turkey 28 people lost their lives due to extrajudicial execution, while 9 were murdered by unknown assailants. 70 people were wounded due to lynch attempt. While the number of torture and cruel treatment victims rose to 202 this year, 319 people appealed to TİHV with torture complaints. Separately, 40 institution buildings were attacked. Continue reading

Torture in Turkey to be on the agenda of United Nations

Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV) prepared a report of torture and maltreatment in Turkey based on applications made in last five years. The report will be presented to UN’s session by Soulhayr Belhassen, President of the Federation of International Human Rights (FIDH), on November 2 in Switzerland.

Children Remain in Detention without Further Amendments

TuesdayLawyer Keresticioğlu stated that even after the amendments of the Anti-Terror Law, children still remain in detention under charges of “membership of an illegal organization” and “carrying explosives”. The lawyer demanded amendments of the Turkish Criminal Law for the release of the children.

Source: Istanbul – BİA News Center
24 August 2010
“It is presented as if crucial amendments have been made in the Anti-Terror Law but with these laws the children will remain detained in prison”.
Lawyer Filiz Kerestecioğlu points out that the amendments made in the Anti-Terror Law (TMK) are not sufficient for the release of children in prison. The amendments’ application confirms the lawyer’s concerns.
The Istanbul Deputy of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), Sebahat Tuncel, addressed the parliament with the problem that children have not been released from prison despite the legal amendments. A hundred children were released pending trial after the enforcement of the amendments. Tuncel asked the Minister of Justice, Sadullah Ergin, why the other children, some of them in prisons in the East of the country, were not released. Continue reading