Many girls in poor families, especially in the east and southeast of Turkey, married off

Women’s rights activist and lawyer Canan Arin was unlawfully detained on 23 June 2012 for speaking out against child marriages in Turkey. While her trial continues, she is living under permanent threat, but refuses to be silent. Open Democracy spoke to her.

Source: Association of Women in Development (AWID)

As an active lawyer and trainer you were invited to Antalya Bar Association to speak about violence against women. After your talk you were detained. What happened?

Canan Arin : I was the co-founder of the Istanbul Bar Association, Women’s Rights Enforcement Centre and worked as a trainer there.  The Antalya Bar Association was opening a Women’s Rights Enforcement Centre and the lawyers needed training. I gave a talk on violence against women in the form of early and forced marriages in the context of training.

I used two examples to illustrate my point. One was the Prophet who married a girl of seven. The second was the head of the Turkish Republic who was engaged to his wife, the first lady, when she was 14 and married her when she was 15. These are facts.  As I spoke, a group of young men got up and started shouting at me. They said I was insulting and going off the subject. I denied this and said they were free to leave the conference room, which they did.

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Rape And Kiling Of 15 Year Old Nigar Rahim In South Kurdistan

An appeal to women organisations and human rights activists worldwide to condemn the Kurdistan Regional Government and seek justice for Nigar Rahim.

Source: Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

Raped by one brother, killed by another brother to wash the shame brought upon family “honour”

Nigar Rahim was only 15 when she was killed by her brother on the 20th of July in Garmian in Kurdistan-Iraq. Nigar had been raped and impregnated by one of her brothers. She was protected along with her child by the Directorate to Investigate Violence against Women for six months after giving birth. Nigar and her brother were arrested at the beginning of this year; the brother was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment while Nigar was released on bail according to the police in Garmian where the case was dealt with. She was then under the protection of the Directorate.

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Women violence on the increase in South Kurdistan

Suspicious deaths, murders and suicides of women have run high in South Kurdistan, an absolute male dominant territory which doesn’t punish violence against women.

Source: ANF

The Committee for Struggle against Violence on Women has reported that 1,012 women have set themselves alight in the last three years in South Kurdistan where women live under the threat of slaughter. Continue reading

24 Women and 6 Men Killed in August

According to the monthly tally kept by bianet, 24 women were killed by males in August 2011. 17 women were raped, 51 wounded. The majority of violent incidents was observed in Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Ankara and Antalya.


According to bianet‘s evaluation of local and national newspapers and news agencies, male perpetrators killed 24 men and six men in August 2011. Three of the culprits committed suicide, one attempted to kill himself. Continue reading

Van’da erkekler ‘kadına şiddete son’ dedi

Source: Demokrat Haber

VAN – Çeşitli sivil toplum örgütlerinin erkek üyelerinden oluşan grup Van Kent Meclisi olarak, Mavi Plaza önünden Cumhuriyet Caddesi’ne kadar yürüdü.

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Batman’da şüpheli kadın intiharları

Batman’da son 10 günde 8 kadının intihara teşebbüs etmesi gözleri yine kente çevirdi…

Source: Demokrat Haber

Batman’ın Sason ilçesine bağlı Tekevler köyünde geçtiğimiz hafta 11 yaşındaki Z.E.’nin tarlada bir ağaca asılı bulunması, bu kentteki intihar vakalarını yeniden gündeme getirdi. Yerel basına göre, Batman Bölge Devlet Hastanesi Acil Servisi’ne son 10 gün içerisinde 8 intihara teşebbüs vakası geldi. Bu kişilerin büyük çoğunluğu da kadınlar. Continue reading

A Pressing Issue: Violence against Women

Lecturer Başterzi from the Turkish Psychiatric Association urged the government, the media and universities to quickly develop an action plan for the prevention of violence against women and woman murders. She called for the elimination of gender discrimination.

Source: BIA

Assoc. Prof. Ayşe  Devrim Başterzi from the Turkish Psychiatric Association called on relevant state departments, all universities and educational institutions, the media and non-governmental organizations to work out an action plan for the prevention of violence against women. She urges for a fast realization of all necessary steps and a quick implementation of the measures. Continue reading

6 family members arrested for honor killing in South East Turkey

Ceylan Sosyal, a 19-year-old woman from the Dörtyol district of the southern province of Hatay was killed on Tuesday following a decision by her family after she returned to her father’s house when her husband abandoned her and her child.

Source: Today’s Zaman

According to information obtained by the Anatolia news agency, the young woman had been expected to go through with an arranged marriage to a relative selected by her family, but had run away to marry another man three years ago. However, she returned to her family home this week when her husband abandoned her. Continue reading

Turkey needs to take urgent action to battle domestic violence

One or more women are killed by their husbands, ex-husbands or lovers in Turkey every single day, a situation that has experts calling on the state to take urgent action.

Source: Today’s Zaman

According to statistics, 105 women were victims of domestic violence in Turkey over the past six months. The most recent incident to cause a public outcry was the death of Tuğba Özbek last Friday. Özbek had taken shelter at her parents’ house in İstanbul’s Bayrampaşa district with her son Buğra after divorcing her husband. Continue reading

‘Namus cinayetleri yaygın bir FENOMENDİR’


Namusa dayalı şiddet veya cinayetler, yaygın bir fenomendir ve Kürt toplumu bu konuda damgalanamaz. Aslında bu uygulama herhangi bir toplum, din, kültür, sosyal sınıf veya tabaka vb. ile sınırlanamaz.

Source: Suna Kose/London

Güney Kürdistan Hükümeti ve İngiltere’deki profesörler, „Kürt Toplumunda Namusa Dayalı Şiddet ve Cinayetler“ konulu bir araştırma yapmak üzere 2008 yılından bu yana çalışmalarını sürdürmekteydiler. Geçtiğimiz Mart ayında rapor ve Eylem Planı kamuoyu ile paylaşılan araştırmanın genel sorumlusu İngiltere Bristol Üniversitesi Cinsiyet ve Şiddet Araştırmaları Merkezi Kadına Karşı Şiddet Çalışmaları Profesörü Gill Hague gazetemizin sorularını yanıtladı. Continue reading