London Green MEP visits Kurdish Community Centre

London’s Green Euro-MP Jean Lambert has visited a Kurdish Community Centre in North London to discuss the role Kurdish people are playing in bringing stability to Syria – and how best to develop the peace process between the Turkish government and Kurds ahead of August’s Presidential election in Turkey.

Jean Lambert visited the Kurdish community on 8 April 2014

Ms Lambert said many Kurdish people were working as a force for equality and stability in the region, and it was essential to develop peace between Kurds and the Turkish government.

“We need to get a better understanding of the role Kurds are playing in Syria – in particular developing at least one area of stability in the Kurdish region, Ain al Arab.

“It is always a pleasure to meet Kurdish people living in London, to hear about the positive contribution they are making to civic life both here and abroad.”


Latest publication: An overview of Kurdish women’s struggles in the UK

Roj Women has made it again. Another year of hard work and achievements. A new membership scheme and on-going employability services, more lobbying in international forums for women’s rights and an open invitation to participate in a research project about the Kurdish Women’s Movement are some of the issues you will find in our latest Activity Report 2013-2014.


A quick overview of Roj's work over the past year

A quick overview of Roj’s work over the past year

Roj’s action research project is building on existing literature with a view to contribute to the current review of the Kurdish women’s liberation movement’s praxis, both in Turkey and in Europe, where hundreds of thousands of Kurdish people now live in Diaspora.
By engaging practitioners based in their countries of origin and in the Dias-pora the study will benefit from the different experiences and expertises de-veloped as a result of their location. It is also a way of contrasting the differ-ences between the Kurdish women’s liberation movement practiced in Kurdi-stan and abroad.
Ultimately, the goal of this project is to build and transform the movement through collective learning and action research, as its findings will reach and feed the praxis of numerous activists, and of course, to publicize the struggle of the Kurdish women’s liberation movement.
Practitioners and activists are invited to join the online discussion forum that will take place in late May 2014, where the preliminary findings of the re-search will be put to test! Have something to say? Email us to to join.

Partner Nafsiyat offers psychotherapy for Turkish speaking Haringey residents

Roj Women’s partner Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre is now offering Group Psychotherapy to Turkish speaking Haringey residents as part of their new Haringey Include Project.

This project is for Kurdish, Turkish and Turkish Cypriot clients. The aims of the groups are:

1)      To challenge stigma attached to mental health issues within the community and within the families.

2)      To help people through the group process, to understand the issues and prevent emotional and physical difficulties.

Women can attend the  carers group (male and female), which has been set for carers who provide practical and emotional support to a relative, partner or a friend who experiences mental health issues.

For information please contact: Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre, Unit 4, Clifton House, Clifton Terrace, London N4 3JP: Tel: 020 7263 6947. Email: Fax: 020 7561 1884.

A weekend of activities around International Women’s Day

Roj Women have prepared an exciting weekend of free activities on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 March to take part on International Women’s Day mobilizations. All welcome!

Saturday from 12 pm – Million Women Rise March (meeting at Duke Street, next to Selfridges; Bond Street Station

Saturday from 4 pm – Panel Discussion: Violence against Women and Women’s Freedom. Presentations by Feleknas Uca, a Kurdish Die Linke politician, and Professor Mary Davis, an academic, trade unionist and former elected member of the TUC Women’s Committee.

Sunday from 3 pm – Women March Hand in Hand (leaving from the Kurdish Community Centre at 11 Portland Gardens, London N4 1HU).

Sunday (after march) – Women’s Solidarity evening with music by ‘Aysegul’, ‘Venge Dur’ , ‘Sevim Aslan’, and ‘Koma Zelal’ and with drama and theatre plays by ‘New Women’ and ‘Tanya’.
Roj Womens 8 Mart A3 Poster

Conference: Jineology – Radical thinking and constructing from the women’s perspective

The conference will be a space to question and deconstruct the ruling sciences and their patriarchal and capitalist structures and to create, share, and discuss alternative, future-oriented concepts of women’s studies and alternative ways of thinking and living.


Jineology conference_March 2014

It will take place from February 28th (start at 3 pm) until March 2nd at the University of Cologne, Germany.

Two and a half days that will bring together women from various social contexts, fields, struggles, and geographic regions, in order to approach each other for a common struggle for a free, democratic, and ecological society. The conference programme focuses on four main themes:

1. Distorted History – Distortion of Identities

2. Epistemology of Science – The Construction of a Science that Excludes Women from Life

3. Feminism – The Rebellion of the Earliest Colony

4. Jineology – The Re-Construction of the Sciences Towards a Communal and Free Life

Besides speeches and discussions, the program will also contain cultural activities.

There are some possibilities for accommodation, but they are limited and may require small contributions. If you require accommodation, please contact us.

A website where you can find more information about the conference, the program, and the concept of Jineology is about to be created and soon to be found here:

Please register for the conference latest by 17.2.2014 via email:

Kurdish community calls the government to support the participation of Kurdish people in peace conference

With an open letter to the British Prime Minister, the Kurdish Diaspora in the UK, asks him to support the participation of the Kurdish Supreme Committee (KSC) in the Geneva II Middle East peace conference. 

The United Nations conference will take place at the end of January and it’ll be an attempt to find a political solution to the conflict in Syria.

We, as the Kurdish community, organizations and their friends in UK, wish that the British government supports the participation of the Kurdish Supreme Committee (KSC) in the Geneva II conference about Syria. KSC is the body that joins both the People’s Council of Western Kurdistan (PCWK) and the Kurdish National Council (KNC), which together form the umbrella of the majority of Syrian Kurdish parties and organizations.  

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