“Stop Stoning and Execution” conference releases a collective resolution

A conference held on 14th January in London by Roj Women’s Association, the International Free Women Foundation and the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq focused on stoning and execution in different parts of the world in particular Iran. A collective resolution was born out of it.

Speakers raised their concern about gross violations of women’s rights under Islamic Sharia Law and the politicization of religion. They explained that the immense sufferings women face are not limited to one country or a particular culture although they do differ from one place to another, in different contexts.

Murdering women through stoning and execution is sanctioned by all states and governments are responsible for creating cultures that make women’s life enjoyable. However, in many countries violence has become a routine which the society tolerates.

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Human Rights violations and the Kurdish question in Iran

Since 2010 Iranian regime has hanged eight Kurdish human rights and political activists who were members of the Free Life party of Kurdistan, including one woman: Shireen Alam Hoye.

Source: ANF

On 30th of June a conference was held in Rome, at the Italian parliament, with regards to democracy, human rights violations and the Kurdish question in Iran.

In the conference some Italian  Senators, Deputy and political activists whom were present expressed their grave concerns over the violations of human rights in Iran, particularly in Kurdish regions of the country.

The Islamic regime systematically executes Kurdish political and Human Rights activists with the aim of spreading fear and of terrorizing the society in order to oblige them to accept its Islamic ideological policies. Kurds, Arab and Baloch national minorities also were present at the conference and presented valuable information about the Islamic regime’s policies against the national, religious and linguistic minorities in Iran. Continue reading

Iranian Kurdish Women Face Lonely Unmarried Life In Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdish women from Kawa Camp criticize women’s rights activists for overlooking their case and claim that the activists only deal with the issues of urban women and do not care about them. Women human rights activists from Khatuzin Center reject these claims.

Source: Gorilla’s Guide

ERBIL, Iraqi Kurdistan: Eran Muhammad is a 25-year-old Kurdish refugee from Iran, living in Kawa Refugee Camp in Qushtapa district, just out of Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. She cannot get an Iraqi identification or citizenship card, and, since the marriage courts legally require them, she cannot get married.

“I am afraid to get married without a legal contract, because then anyone can divorce me at their whim,” said Ms Muhammad. Many other girls like her in the camp are worried for the same reason. If they were divorced, they would be unable to ask for their legal rights, since they would not have a legal marriage contract to protect them.

“There are 90 girls here who are over 25 and are afraid to get married because we can’t get a legal contract,” said Ms Muhammad. “Many of those who have traditional marriages without going to the courts get divorced in a short time.”

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Iran violated human rights 13,479 times in one month, report said.

According to a report by Iranian Human Right Society, 13,479 cases of human right violations have been reported only in March.

Source: ANF

Due to the difficulties of obtaining this information, the report only has enumerated a limited number of the cases.

Over the course of March;

8, 971 times the rights of the workers have been violated.

392 times the rights of students have been violated.

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8 March day of protest in Iran

A group of Iranian women’s rights activists have announced that Tuesday, March 8, the International Women’s Day, will be a “day of protest” against gender inequality.


The announcement, which has been signed by 300 women’s rights activists and their supporters, echo the earlier statement from Shirin Ebadi, who called for the day of protest on behalf of Iranian men and women who have been struggling against oppression, stressing that their fight for equal rights can only be realized with a democratic government. Continue reading

Thousands of women demonstrated in Kurdish cities

“No to women massacre”

Source: ANF

A large number of women wearing traditional clothes gathered at Urfakapı to attend the final meeting in Diyarbakır organized under the slogan “No to women massacre”. While thousands coming from center Bağlar, Yenişehir, Kayapınar and Sur, Çınar, Lice, Ergani, Kulp, Hazro and Bismil Districts gathered at Urfakapı, Diyarbakir Municipality buses gave free service for 8 March Women’s Day.
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Free our Imprisoned Iranian Sisters!

Iranian women are exposed to a variety of discriminations with charges ranging from gender-related and ethnic issues over religious and political beliefs to the defense of their own rights and those of underprivileged groups within the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Source: Arshama3’s Blog

On the occasion of the 100th International Women’s Day we publish a list of imprisoned Iranian women to expose the extent of this discrimination. As to the prisoners of conscience the two most vulnerable groups are the religious minorities of Baha’i and Christians, both persecuted relentlessly as they pose a serious challenge to the autocratic Islamist system. With regards to ethnic discriminations members of the Kurd and Baluchi minorities are most endangered.

On the other hand the Islamist establishment targets journalists, lawyers, human rights activists and students, all representing key groups of a modern civil society, but inconsistent with the misogynous concept of a backward religious guardianship, which defies controversy and insists on the absolute control of all aspects of its citizens lives.

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