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Picture source: taken during the research interviews at the Newroz Camp in Rojava Kurdistan, Syria. The camp was formed for the Ezidi community forced to flee their homeland Sengal, Iraq (September 2014)

Women organisations in Rojava, Syria are building a movement without inequality, poverty, exclusion and violence!  They are doing this by providing safe houses, medical and psychological services, networking, mediation, information-sharing as well as legal and protective support for women facing violence and loss.

Financial sustainability is a major challenge as a result of the conflict, resources are limited by the economic conditions of the self-administered areas and the lack of recognition of the self-administered government under international law.
Funds raised will be used to assist local women’s organisations in Rojava with shorter term emergency response and long term programming for gender-based services.

Click here for the fact finding research report and more information

This is a baseline report to inform the international communities, women’s organisations and individuals on the work and model set up to tackle gender issues in Rojava and provide an enduring solidarity and support campaign.
The first part of the report is on the Ezidi’s situation and their needs within the Newroz camp.

Our research goals were to:

  1. The first goal was to find out the perceived needs (i.e. the serious problems) that people living in Newroz camp have. To measure their serious problems the Humanitarian Emergency Settings Perceived Needs Scale (HESPER) was used. The HESPER Scale measures the serious problems of adults living in humanitarian situations (for instance during conflicts or other disasters), based directly on their own views (i.e. people’s perceived needs).
  2. The second goal was to give an idea about main GBV issues that might arise for the new refugees in Rojava and to assess the capacity of existing support networks for GBV issues in the Rojava region.

Roj Women research found that women’s organisations in Rojava are building a remarkable network of support organisations run by volunteers.  They are tackling all forms of violence against women and are delivering assistance offering open and free services to all who need them in the shadow of Syria’s destructive ongoing violent conflict.  As a result of the research Roj Women is committed to supporting these highly effective and motivated women’s organisations in Rojava and ask you to join us in this initiative.  We will support specific organisations through the direct contacts we have made with those working on the ground, who are named in the research report.

According to the IFC Smartbook: “Although destruction affects all, conflict often leaves women to carry the double burden of economic and family responsibilities. Women who can no longer rely on steady earnings from male household members during times of hardship mist often make ends meet by engaging in informal micro-income-generating activities. Giving women a stake in the national reconstruction process by investing in their economic participation, including through entrepreneurship. is crucial for effective and sustainable development of the already- fragile economies of conflict effected societies…”

*Carmen Niethammer, Mark Blackden and Henriette von Kaltenborn-Stachau, “Creating Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs in Conflict-Affected Countries,” IFC Smartbook Women = Smart Business, September 2012.)

Make a donation to Rojwomen, big or small, your support will make a significant difference for the women organisation’s in Rojava, Syria.

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