SE Turkey’s conflict spurred gender equality for Kurds, panelists say


Decades of conflict in Turkey’s Southeast has helped politicize Kurdish women and promote gender equality in the region, participants at a women’s conference heard earlier this week.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

Kurdish women and children have been politically active because the state has “produced [political] awareness” through its oppression of them, said Dilek Kurban, a columnist for daily Radikal.

“Why are the children and women in the streets? Because of the state. They are political; there is no turning back from this,” she said. Continue reading


Women working in the house are claiming for their rights

Work in the house is not recognized. Women set off to fight this discrimination


They have to put up with the world with difficult works like cleaning and nursing of ill people. An event they experienced reminded them to “put a lid” on this going. They have been trying to be organized as House Workers Women Commission for a time. While calling the government institutions as “see us, recognize our labour”, women house workers are also waiting for the support of people.

The working conditions that make an attempt on the lives of women, who do cleanings of houses, baby-sit and nurse ill and old people, came up with an event on 19 August last year. 37 year-old and 8 months pregnant Nilgün Oğuz, who was nursing Emine Özturan with alzheimer disease and cancer patient Ali Osman Özturan, was shot in the belly and wounded on 19 August by İsmet Onay, a relative of the Özturan family. Continue reading