UN report: Turkey exceeds US and EU in violence against women

Turkey tops Europe and the US in the number of incidences of violence against women, according to a report by UN Women released in early July.

Source: Today’s Zaman

Titled “Progress of the World’s Women: In Pursuit of Justice,” the report finds that justice for women in Turkey and around the world is still out of reach. Highlighting the prevalence of gender injustices, the report has concerning figures of violence against women around the world.  Continue reading


Turkey’s prominent women NGO’s demand more opportunities in politics

In the wake of a United Nations report highlighting gender inequality in politics, prominent Turkish women’s organizations are expressing their concerns about a lack of female representation in Parliament and the Cabinet.


Women demand more voice in Turkish politics.

Turkey’s prominent women NGO’s together published an ad in the country’s major dailies on Thursday, demanding more opportunities for women in vice-ministry positions and in bureaucry. A recent report by U.N. Women also shows how the rule of law in many countries still excludes women.

“While Turkey ranks as the 16th biggest economy in the world, it concerns us that it ranks 126th in the index of men-women equality,” read an advertisement published Thursday in the country’s major dailies by the Women Who Are Right Platform, which represents 39 NGOs and 90,000 people. Continue reading

European Parliament voted on Turkey accession report

A real political solution to the Kurdish problem is one of the top demands of the resultant resolution.


MEP GUE/NGL Takis Hadjigeorgiou (Cyprus) said: “We support Turkey’s accession and welcome any progress made in the country first and foremost for the benefit of its people; but we underline the need to meet all the Copenhagen criteria and obligations towards the EU and all its Member States, like any other candidate country. Turkey should implement the Additional Protocol if it wishes to progress in the accession negotiations”. Continue reading

AKP’s policy towards the Kurdish has transformed into a “serious violation”

The open policy initiated by the AKP government “against the Kurds” has resulted in serious violations of human rights in the Kurdish region.

Source: Kurdish Info

At least 23,573 violations of human rights have been documented in the region during 2010, against 20,720 in 2009, according to a report by the Association of Human Rights (IHD). Continue reading

Demonstrating Children still Facing Prison Sentences

Lawyer and rights defender Akço draws attention to the persisting problem of children on trial even after their release from prison due to a legal amendment in 2010. Akço demands an amendment of Article 31 of the TCK to solve the situation.

Source:  -BİA News Center

The children who are being tried under the Anti-Terror Law (TMY) because they attended demonstrations have been pushed aside from the agenda after certain legal amendments and after the campaigns of rights advocators have finished. However, lawyer Seda Akço, working in the field of children rights for many years, thinks that the problem is still going on and that it will even grow further if the justice system for children will not be reformed. Continue reading

Research shows alarming figures in children brides in Turkey

The research shows that there are more than five million children brides in Turkey.

Source: ANF

According to the research presented to Parliamentary Commission on Equal Opportunities for Men and Women, 5 million 439 thousand women in Turkey are made to marry at very early ages, 7 million women due to “family decision” and 2 million women in exchage for a “bride price”.

Continue reading

SE Turkey’s conflict spurred gender equality for Kurds, panelists say


Decades of conflict in Turkey’s Southeast has helped politicize Kurdish women and promote gender equality in the region, participants at a women’s conference heard earlier this week.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News

Kurdish women and children have been politically active because the state has “produced [political] awareness” through its oppression of them, said Dilek Kurban, a columnist for daily Radikal.

“Why are the children and women in the streets? Because of the state. They are political; there is no turning back from this,” she said. Continue reading

Turkish police brutality caused woman protestor to miscarriage

A 19 year old pregnant woman was beaten by Turkish police during a demonstration which led her to miscarriage

Source: ANF

University students protesting the Turkish prime minister’s meeting with university rectors at Istanbul’s Dolmabahçe Palace on Saturday were violently beaten by police forces who also deployed pepper gas to subdue the demonstration. Continue reading

Turkey failed to ratify Convention on sexual violence against children

Turkey participated in the launch of the campaign to counter violence against children but has not yet signed the Convention

Last Monday in Rome a campaign was launched to raise public awareness about sexual abuse and violence against children. As a premise to the campaign is the ratification of the Council of Europe’s Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse. Turkey was represented in Rome by minister of State for Women and Family Issues Selma Aliye Kavaf. It was somehow an embarrassing participation for Turkey as indeed the Turkish Parliament has failed to ratify the Convention before the meeting in Rome as the government had planned. Continue reading

German Human Rights Observation Mission reports from South East Turkey

In the last 3 months reports on the use of chemical weapons and post mortal mutilations by the Turkish military have increased. Deliberately set forest fires and the use of poisonous defoliant were increasingly documented.

Source: Kurdish Info

The current situation in the Kurdish provinces of Turkey is characterized by serious human rights violations, repression and war crimes by the Turkish military and special gendarmerie units. Despite a one‐sided cease‐fire by the PKK, that was interrupted only shortly due to the continuous policy of war and repression by the Turkish state, military operations and assaults of state forces on the civilian population have been taken place almost daily for the past months.
During the first six months of 2010, more than 20 extralegal executions took place through state and paramilitary forces within this framework. In addition, in the last 3 months reports on the use of chemical weapons and post mortal mutilations by the Turkish military have increased. Deliberately set forest fires and the use of poisonous defoliant were increasingly documented. For the report details please see  the following link http://www.kurdish-info.eu/media/files/Report%20of%20the%20Human%20Rights%20Delegation.pdf